Bamboo Bowl with Silicone Suction Pad
This super bamboo bowl is crafted from natural bamboo fibres, providing incredible strength and resilience while also enjoying all the inherent anti-bacterial and anti-microbial qualities of the bamboo plant. 

Perfectly designed for meals at all times of day, the heat-resistant properties of bamboo lets you serve even hot foods with confidence, keeping tiny fingers protected should they reach out and touch the sides.

The large "stay put" suction pad - attaches to the base of your bowl, simply press down onto the table top or high chair, and relax as the dish remains firmly fixed in place. 

TIP: To best preserve and prolong the life of your Bamboo bowl, wash it by hand. Once a month, wipe down with coconut to keep the bamboo supple and strong.

Diameter: 13.5cm
Height: 6cm

Bamboo Bowl with Silicone Suction Pad


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