Organic Cotton Mesh Fruit & Vegetable Bags (Set of 6)
(3 Sizes - Set of 6)
These re-useable bags are an alternative to disposable, polythene bags, making it easier for likeminded people who want to go plastic-free, or to reduce their reliance on single-use plastics.

Simply marvellous for weighing and carrying home your fruit & veg at the greengrocers, farmers market or supermarket. They can also be stored in the fridge. 

In addition they are wonderful laundry bags for reusable make up wipes, non - medical cotton face masks, cloth pads & nursing pads. 

100% Plastic free, compostable at home, machine washable. 

MateriaI: Organic Cotton 

Size: S 24cm x 27cm, M 27cm x 36cm, L 32cm x 44cm

In the Box: x2 Small, x2 Medium, x2 Large

Organic Cotton Mesh Fruit & Vegetable Bags (Set of 6)


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